EP 9 | Why We Need to Ask Better Questions
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This is what the entire show is all about, Asking Better Questions. Too many times in leadership and decision making, we rely on our own understanding instead of increasing our impact by asking focused questions to the people around us. 


We can become better leaders, mentors, and coaches by asking questions. Questions, in the purest form, is merely communication, speaking, or dialect. To whom we speak to, how we word these questions, and the time is which these are spoken potentially create an atmosphere for growth or stagnation. All this to say, what you speak matters, what you ask matters, and what you don’t ask, MATTERS. 


How to ask better questions:


1.     You only get answers to the questions you ask

a.     “It is better to look uninformed than to be uninformed”

b.     Earnest and timely questions


2.     Questions will unlock doors

a.     Earnest questions help you learn and understand

b.     Successful leaders relentlessly ask questions and have an incurable desire to pick the brains of the people they have met 


3.     Connecting with people

a.     Before communication you need commonality

b.     Ask about family, dreams, goals, sport, hobbies


4.     Questions help co-create

a.     “The key to shared thinking is asking the right questions to the right people”


5.     Questions give you perspective

a.     Before you make things right, make sure you see things right

b.     Helps prevent miscommunication

c.     What would you change? - Prevents stagnation


By the end of today's episode you will have been given the tools to ask some better questions within your marriage, at work, with your family, and your community. I hope that you can take some of these examples and apply them to your everyday life.  

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