Cocktails & Capitalism
Cocktails & Capitalism
Cocktails & Capitalism is a podcast that pairs crafted beverages with stories distilled from our capitalist hellscape. We highlight shameless profiteers, destructive industries, and anticapitalists working to create a better world. The topics we explore can be dark and depressing, so buckle up and grab a drink! Our crafted cocktails help us tap into the gallows humor necessary for surviving late stage capitalism. While we slip into drunken hysterics at times, our episodes rely on extensive, well-grounded research that will help equip you with the knowledge to challenge the global dominance of our capitalist status quo. Because we are committed to offering an entertaining and illuminating podcast that is free and accessible to everyone, we've decided that crowdfunding is the most ethically-sound model for achieving this goal. Thus, we've turned to Patreon - a system that allows people to support the content creators they love while gaining rad benefits! Thank you to the amazing individuals who are helping us continue this project!
Cocktails & Capitalism
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