Eternal Paradigm
Urmi Raval
Hi, my name is Urmi, I am an Embodiment Practitioner, Life Coach & an RTT®️ Therapist here to guide and support you to find, connect and activate paradigms of wellness. Having experienced a lifetime of deeply challenging learnings and experiences that took me to the darkest places, a place of total disembodiment, being closed off and disconnected. I knew everything but felt nothing aside from anger, frustration and self hatred. I have redefined my experience so these conversations are for anyone whose inner and outer world feels mismatched, misaligned or imbalanced. This podcast supports you to redefine the challenges of living a life created to someone else's design, discover why it’s valuable to be curious, know your history as you explore and unearth universal wisdom that is already living within you. Click “FOLLOW’ to join a community of conscious explorers sharing their learning to help you feel happy, purposeful and creative.
Eternal Paradigm
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