012 - Christian Borchert - My Sound Delve
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EP 012 - Equipped with an arsenal of compelling music, an enviable collection of historic miniatures, and an ecosystem of handcrafted terrain, Christian Borchert knows how to make his games a truly epic experience. He’s also the creator of the Soundboard/Dice Rolling App “My Sound Delve” . 

You can check out the app here:


And here’s the Show Notes:


Christian and I had the chance to talk all things RPGs. He understands how to expertly use props, sounds, and other sensory experiences to create magic at the table. We talked all things RPGs, from his time playing DND in the woods as a youth, to designing epic cabin getaway sessions with his friends. He’s got a feel for combining the right things to make truly epic adventures.  

He also showed off his app, and it’s awesome! 

He’s combined professional voice talent with innovative sounds to create hundreds of sounds for your games. Each sound is expertly crafted and bursting with creativity to give you everything you need to take your games to the next level. 

Want to cast fireball? There’s a sound for that. 
Need something to bring your blue dragon to life? There’s a sound for that too. 

He’s combined unique languages, realistic casting sounds, catchy phrases, and actual sounds of success to create hundreds of unique sounds. There’s a full roster of sounds, catch phrases, and monsters to illustrate each attack, success, spell, and failure in your games. It really brings the table to life. 

With integrated dice rolling, a customized scenario builder, and the chance to create your own sounds, My Sound Delve has everything you need to bring your sessions to life with vibrant, fantastical sounds. 

Please enjoy this lively conversation with the creative genius, Christian Borchert. 

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