004 - Using the Spotlight to Create Stories that Flow
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EP 003 - I found 2 problems that I wanted to fix in the Dungeons and Dragons games I run.

Show Notes Here: https://engineeredadventures.com/ep004perspectivequestions/

One, Sometimes the spotlight doesn’t move the ways I want. 
It can get stuck, or it can get lost. I wanted a way to take greater control, to make sure the spotlight meaningfully reaches everyone.  

Two, I wanted to try exploring what characters were thinking. 
Could I facilitate that without being weird? 

I realized people at the table are both actors and narrators. Could we find a way to leverage that? 
In fact, players in Table Top Roleplaying Games take on many narrative perspectives. Maybe we could use that. 
I found the solution through an in game staple, applied to a meta-physical problem.

That’s right, we’re using random tables to improve our storytelling.

Plus, you'll improve the moments in game your players will remember for years to come. As a Game Master, this hack has been so useful in improving engagement. I've noticed richer stories too. 

The tables also give me more reasons to roll my dice. 

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