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Power of a Positive Playlist - Vibrations of Success
Apr 29, 2020 · 27 min
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Part 2 of Host John Chester's intense interview with bio-energetic healthcare practitioner Michelle Gerdes on the relationship between frequencies in our bodies and health, literally vibrations of success!

Michelle works with people's body, mind, and spirit so that it works together optimally. She's noticed that the combination of essential oils, music, and prayer, is a successful holistic approach to many ailments - including depression, anxiety, and many others routinely medicated.

As a music therapist working in hospitals, rehabs, and pysch environments, John encounters patient's negative responses to frequencies that are clearly disruptive and has to change the music. Michelle has noticed this as well, and talks about how she's using tuning forks to recognize how vibrations are effecting MS, lupus, and more.

This conversation takes 'good vibrations' to a whole new level!

John points out that harmonics, the Pythagorean theorem, is the scientific explanation of how this works for healing. Our bodies are amazing, and we can have optimal health when we understand how energy works through resonance and has a very real impact both positive and negative on us. Working with a practitioner who is aware of how this energy is supported through harmonically improving your environment will have a dramatic impact on your entire life.

Reach out to Michelle Gerdes at 817-456-2874 for a brief consultation to set up your appointment.

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