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Apr 15, 2020 · 29 min
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Meet Business 1st Responders hosts Suzanne Johns, Jake Jordan, Jay Maymi, and Conrad Arrambide III offering support for local DFW businesses in transition. Jake Jordan, content and seo expert, asks these opening questions you may be having right now:

Economically, how am I going to sustain my business?

How do I pivot to meet the needs of the community?

Is this pivot temporary? Or is it long term?

Conrad Arrambide III is a commercial banker with First Guaranty Bank, a regional bank with their ear to the ground. With so many businesses impacted in a wide range of industries, Conrad is looking for ways they can cut cost for clients while they wisely pursue financial assistance and new revenue streams. 

Many banks are not accepting the PPP loans available today, and much miscommunication surrounds  financial application requirements. Conrad suggests going straight to the source to talk directly with lenders. Listen now for his advice. 

Jay Maymi is a sales trainer witnessing many people limiting their actions through fear. He warns us that a paralyzed frame of mind is a major setback, and Jay compares the 9-11 recovery to the Shelter in Place orders and months to follow. Don't miss the next months of progress and growth! Stay focused on next steps so you can propel faster and further. 

Suzanne Johns, real estate broker and creator of over 42 millionaires, wants you to know Business 1st  Responders is here for you:

  1. You are not alone.
  2. We ARE in this together, and
  3. We WANT you to be successful, and be BETTER than you were before.

Jake Jordan throws the ball to the crew to ask them what they are personally seeing in their own businesses. 

Conrad says his clients want to know how  long this will last. His response, "THIS is a health crisis, not a financial crisis ... and we are primed to bounce back strongly in our DFW economy."

Suzanne is noticing some people are ready to make BIG shifts and expanding into new areas. 

Jay seconds Suzanne, recognizing the surge of businesses that are set up to thrive. Not to discount the challenged businesses, but doom and gloom decreases creativity, and the only way up is to think differently and positively about the way back up.  Adversity can be a blessing in disguise, causing you to think creatively when you might not have been forced to before. 

Jake brings up how Cornbread Hustle, felony recruiting and placement staffing, has changed direction to keep people employed, turning from staffing temporarily, to a cleaning agency for essential businesses that need to be open every day. Cheri Garcia, founder of Cornbread Hustle, had to go back to her original reason and purpose to be in business in the first place. 

So take advantage of the side hustles, of the pivots, of the creative nature of adversity, and GROW a strong and solid revenue stream that carries you into the next era of your life. 

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