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Your Voice Matters - The Body Language of Power
Mar 18, 2020 · 28 min
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Rebecca Dollinger hosts Your Voice Matters, and in this episode she's talking to keynote speaker, published author, actor, and master coach, Nikki Nanos, about the body language we associate with power. 

Nikki points out that how women enter a room makes a difference right off the bat. You'll enjoy her tips to engage and connect as you walk in. People want to know you are confident, and a handshake can give it away. Discover how to ensure you're taken seriously.

Learn the secrets to confidence when you listen to this podcast! 

Are you subconsciously taking a back seat, or are you willing to step up and sit at the table? 

What about the verbal side? 'Ums' are common, even President Obama was known to have as many as 31 'ums' in a speech, but it's something that can be worked on for improvement. Often we don't understand how we sound to another, it's easy to sound angry or stern. The secret to changing this? Ask. Nikki says asking how we sound to another will help us learn to soften our countenance and voice. 

Stand. Smile. Assert yourself, but with kindness. Rebecca wants you to know that you have value. 

Nikki shines a light on how to respond when someone takes credit for your ideas, to take a stand for yourself with dignity and class. 

Confidence is a difference maker when you're taking on bigger roles and associating with people who occupy higher levels of society. Stand in your talents and gifts, and learn the body language of power!

To work with Nikki Nanos, go to NikkiNanos.com, and connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram. Click her to get her book, Looking Through Your Lens of Communication.

For guest and sponsorship information, contact Rebecca at tailored2you@rebeccastylewriter.com or 214-729-6307.

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