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Power of a Positive Playlist - The Tunes of Our Lives
Feb 10, 2020 · 27 min
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Do we really understand the music, the 'tunes' of our lives? Is it possible we're ignoring our inside audience? John Chester hosts Power of a Positive Playlist, and in this effervescent episode, John talks with fellow musician and VP of Retail Sales, Jeff Pinson. 

Music has multiple stories for every person, it's a matter of application. Like a medicine, or like a balm, people can apply - or misapply. Is music just an auditory wave? John and Jeff dispel that notion, and say rather, "It's more like a drug than anything else." People 'take' music passively, but it is actively shaping our emotions. 

"As a music therapist working with people dealing with depression, its easy to see how music can pick at a wound," says John, so how do we use music actively, to pump ourselves up? Or use it reflectively, for focus or calm? 

Long time friend and musician Jeff Pinson opens up this dialog with personal anecdotes from his life as an 80's music lover, keyboardist, parent and professional in the C-Suite. Listen in to this great conversation and let it take you back, so you can go forward enjoying memories and making your own positive playlist that position you for your greatest achievements. 

Reach out to Jeff at Jeff.Pinson@hotmail.com, and find him on LinkedIn. 

To be a guest or sponsor Power of a Positive Playlist, contact John Chester at 214-606-8625

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