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Tricks of The Trade on Exhibit Booth ROI - Can You Prove it?
Dec 12, 2019 · 29 min
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In this episode of Tricks of The Trade, Host Stephanie Chavez becomes the spotlight as she offers formulas that prove exhibit booth ROI to executive producer Susan Hamilton. Event strategies are powerful ways to interact with the marketplace for many reasons. Stephanie arms you with information so you can realize the strength of your performance, and then make it easy to understand when reporting on the experience. 

 Get excited about this perspective! You don't even have to take notes. Just follow along with this rock solid FREE download and refer to it often.  

It's important to use marketing dollars wisely, so if you don't understand how to measure the success of the events you put on, you don't really know if you should be a return exhibitor. And what if the BEST approach is to do MORE of what's kicking butt? Stephanie breaks it all down for you so can be sure. Exhibit booth displays might even simply need an update to be more effective. How to know? Listen in, and share this podcast with your team! 

To work with Stephanie and her fabulous team at The Trade Group, call 800-343-2005 today. Connect with The Trade Group on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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