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Uncomfortable Conversations - Uncommon Sense in Local Business
Jul 7, 2020 · 28 min
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Getting over the past 3 months means changing our habits and being willing to have some uncomfortable conversations, too. Hosts Deanna Blair and Paul Russo want you to break out of the box, get some sunshine, and get moving - even if it's running in place!

We've gotten out of the habit of personal, in person discussions, and many of us have become used to meeting online. That means we're on the screen alot. Try not to stare at the screen, consider setting your timer to take breaks every 30 minutes. Remember it's important to have conversations! It's easy to get out of the habit of in-person discussion.

When the discussion turns to employment, it's important to discuss diversity of thought. Mask, no mask, in-person meetings, video only, 3 foot, 6 foot - what are the boundaries that each of us needs to have to be comfortable working productively again? Are those boundaries hard and inflexible? Or are they more flexible?

As our communities open back up, Deanna Blair and Paul Russo advise recognizing who is a 'good fit' for the organization in terms of employment and also in terms of clientelle. Don't be afraid to get rid of your most lucrative client if it is not a good fit. Make choices for the good of the company in all areas of interaction and process.

Reconnect, head out to restaurants and support local establishments. This landscape is changing every day. How are you thinking about your next steps?

Note: take images of your business and the businesses you frequent so people can see you are still operating! 

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