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Power of a Positive Playlist - Mental Health First Aid
Jun 16, 2020 · 25 min
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Certified Health Coach and Mental Health Advocate Deanna Blair sits down with Host John Chester to talk about what she's learned working with families who are experiencing dementia first hand. People don't wake up in their rocking chairs after 70-80 years and just decide to tear up the family. There is much more to it before it goes that far.

Deanna helps us understand why it's important not to argue, but instead, use a technique called 'validation' to diffuse and deesclalate an irrational loved one. This will keep you from an argument neither of you want.

People become lonely in their minds long before you notice it. A harbored emotional pain can turn into a reaction that rears itself with a trigger. How do we care for our loved ones when they've become difficult to communicate with?

Turns out, there are ways to communicate that don't include language, and they can create a loving environment and good emotions that improve socialization.

  • Music
  • Just being there
  • Listening
  • Agreeing
  • Baking

Deanna and John discuss ideas that will have you rethinking how you spend time with your loved ones.

Find Deanna at chamber of commerce meetings all over DFW, or connect with Spot the Dots on Facebook or Instagram.

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