EP 04: Jan GORMAN: From Mum of Dyslexic Child to Becoming a Facilitator
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Jan Gorman is a friend and former colleague of mine, one of the first Davis Dyslexia facilitators in Australia. 

She talks about the path with her son, how she tried absolutely everything she could find to help him since he started Kindergarten - and how it was only when he was in Year 6 that she stumbled across the Davis Method,.

Every year prior she had started a new method and in hindsight she realizes that all these methods were treating the symptoms, not the cause of dyslexia.

When her son started the Davis Program, he told his mum that this was finally something that works for him. Already after the first three days, he saw the result of reading fluently.

Jan finds the biggest differentiation of the Davis Dyslexia Correction method in the way Ron Davis goes to the root cause and uses the creativity and visual learning style of the client to correct the challenges, instead of trying to fix the symptoms.

Not having to sound out words was 'key' to her son's reading progress, as well as the tools of the program and the way it helped him to diminish his frustration and anxiety.

Jan talks about her experience with the many clients she has helped since and how she is always at awe, how quickly change happens and confidence replaces the stress of learning. With a sense of empowerment - that is usually not a common  emotion around literacy - comes a new way of being, of certainty and clarity, as well as a change in perception.

We have more of a conversation between friends and former professional colleagues, than an interview.


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