Are Viruses Real or Not?
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#40: Against a backdrop of an admittedly wild couple of years with COVID-19, lockdowns, masking, vaccines rushed to market, and statistics that have been shown to be wildly manipulated, perhaps one of the most confusing things are self-proclaimed experts who proclaim confidently that viruses simply don’t exist.

Now that I’ve had no less than three listeners wonder if that claim has any basis in fact, I think it’s time we looked more deeply into it.

As one of the most fascinating diseases I’m familiar with offers some great insight into this question, let’s put the spotlight on rabies to answer this.

Rabies has been plaguing mankind for centuries, long before viruses were even hinted at.

As it’s such a horrible, scary and usually fatal disease, and one that you’re being told to repeatedly vaccinate against, we’ll use rabies to see if a virus might be involved.

Or is it simply “terrain” responsible for people dying in the 10’s of thousands from rabies every year?

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