How to Get Your Vet Needs Met
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#035 I think it’s appropriate to say there is no more important place to be clear about what you want than in health care. If you allow yourself or your animal to just blindly take what ever a doctor recommends, trouble will ensue. I guarantee it.

This episode was inspired by a listener who knew she didn’t want vaccines for her pup. She’d already seen vaccine damage in her two children, but when she sought out holistic vets, she asked them if they vaccinated.

They did.

And Alesha felt stuck at that point. How could she get her needs better met?

By asking better questions!

This episode is here to help you get your veterinary needs met. While a vet can be a great ally on your natural path, it’s never safe to assume that he’ll have your every desire in mind if you don’t spell out your desires for your animal very clearly.

You must ask wise questions, either of your current vet or if you're interviewing a potential new one.

As “prevention” is often where the trouble begins and healthy animals become damaged, often for life, you’ll need a vet who understands your goals and will help you achieve them.

I share with you my thoughts on “sympathetic vets” and how to ask the right questions so your vet becomes a trusted part of your path to a wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant companion.

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