Leaky gut: what, why, and how to fix it
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#026 My guest this week is Julie Anne Lee, homeopath and owner of the Adored Beast Apothecary.

Her origin story itself is seriously inspiring. Julie felt the connection to animals from a very young age, and wanted to help them. After some years of searching, she realized her vet tech work wasn’t her best foot forward. When homeopathy cured her of a difficult illness quickly (and in a foreign country, to boot), she knew immediately that was what she wanted to offer the animal world.

But, she chose to skip vet school and study with the best of the best in veterinary and human homeopathy instead. When it came time to bring her services to the public and their animals, she had to get creative, as the Canadian vet board was having none of it. Don’t miss Julie’s shrewd choices that ended up with her owning a clinic and employing 5 vets!

I invited Julie on to open the box on leaky gut. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade, you’ve heard of this disease and how widespread it is. And you’ve likely heard even more about the ever increasing influence the microbiome has on everything in your body and that of your animals!

How are these related? How do you know when leaky gut is holding your animal back, and how can you ultimately help them get back to normal?

Julie is, to a fault, a deep researcher. She sticks to a subject like a bulldog and won’t settle until she learns all she can and takes that knowledge into the trenches, testing her findings in the real world.

Can you just throw some probiotics at this condition and expect a fix?

Julie’s work says no, it’s clearly not that easy. But she knows what does work, and shares that with us in this episode.

Getting the chance to listen to how this brilliant woman thinks and solves problems for animals is not to be missed!

Her links and more are in the show notes at https://VitalAnimal.com/26

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