Symptoms: Wildly misunderstood by your vet
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#024 Most vets and “single species doctors” grossly misunderstand what symptoms are, how they are extremely valuable, and how cure is defined.
That means that, unless you are smarter than your vet and choose carefully who gets to be your trusted health care provider, your animals are likely to become less and less healthy the longer they partake in “modern medicine.”

Listen along with Dr. Falconer as he explains why symptoms are critically important to understand and hugely useful in getting and keeping your animals truly VITAL.

Discover what symptoms are, who or what makes them, and how “controlling them” is asking for long term trouble in your loved ones or yourself.

What’s the difference between “common” and normal?

How do symptoms “talk to us,” whether we are vets or perceptive caregivers? What are they really saying, anyway?

And the case of the horribly itchy dog named Maggie whose skin disease was finally cured when an odd symptom was revealed about her heat cycles.

You’ll never view symptoms the way you used to after you hear this episode. And that will only help your animals stay in their best state of wild health and natural disease resistance.

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