From Symptom Suppression to Biohacking
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In this Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey episode, I'm sharing from the heart about my health challenge and experience in 2019. What came clear to me was that its critical to know my stats so I can know myself better.  In today's world, I believe in utilizing intelligent data driven ways to quantify myself.  This is the new gold. In this episode, I'm going to share my experience of a new technology, the Ōura ring, and the daily insights that helped me track my quality of life and biostatistics. Enjoy my 2019 Story about Falling & Rising [Michelle St Jane 11:00]

Bullet Points

  • From symptom suppression to biohacking [Michelle St Jane 0:03]
  • "The doctor is the patient in the twenty-first century." (Source Unknown) [Michelle St Jane 1:03]
  • Rising with deep insights on health statistics [Michelle St Jane 1:49]
  • Ōura Ring Lost by Michelle & Located Anastasia! [Michelle St Jane  14:52]

Knowledge Bombs:

“Health is the first wealth in the digital age data may be the new oil. A phrase coined by Clive Humby (2006).    Being that “big data was the new oil” I would extend this to your bio data.”  [Michelle St Jane  9:30]

Author's Sheila Holt and Frederick Sandvall said, “Trust is the new currency.”  The medical profession are invaluable, not infallible. It's just as important to know your data to ensure the medical advice and treatment given considers your profile as closely as they rely on the gold standard research. [Michelle St Jane  9:38]


Ōura Ring

Sheila Holt and Frederick Sandvall said, “Trust is the new currency” (2019)  

In this world, you bet sleep is my superpower, I mean to keep an eye on it, and see where I can improve my daily doing … doing … doing to avoid being drained and depleted. The data in my position allows me to accurately access what is contributing to my health and wellbeing. 

Now I have good data on what's in my best interest, and where to focus my energy on improving and maintaining quality of life. There is much to be learned, lived and shared among our communities of leadership in terms of our experiences, and the essence of our strength and hope. My wish is that my journey and realism will spark a conversation and improve lives for leaders who can emerge or re emerge leaning into their expression, passion.

I'm not a promotor nor paid for talking about the Oura Ring. [Michelle St Jane  18:52]

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The information in this publication is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Do consult with your own health care practitioner. The author is not responsible for individuals who choose to self-diagnose, self-treat, or use the information in this publication without consulting with their own health care practitioner.

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