Essentials when pricing your product. The what, the why and the how!!
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What I want to talk about today is pricing your product.
It is something I get asked about a lot and also something I see with a lot of businesses and not just start ups but those who have been going for years get not quite get right.

Whenever I start a Business Coaching session it is one of the first things I make sure to cover with clients.  

If you have not got this first part right then no matter how many sales you have it will be hard to cover your expenses that come with running a product based business.

You need to think about all the elements and parts that go into your product costs and then work out from there if you are going to wholesale your product or sell Direct to consumer (DTC).

I discuss some things to add in to your costings as well as what to leave out!

Let me know where you are at and if you found this helpful.  You can also download my freebies tips on pricing your product to grab some calculations and examples in there.

If you want my spreadsheet I chat about in the show I can let you know once it is available!!

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