The Perfect Athlete Podcast
Chris Billam-Smith
Hi, I'm Chris Billam-Smith, AKA The Gentleman. I'm a professional boxer, and the current Commonwealth Cruiserweight Champion. This is my brand new podcast, The Perfect Athlete. I'm always striving to be the best and perform better in my sport and I'm constantly experimenting with new technique within my training and lifestyle to find that extra 1% or 2% difference to make me stronger, faster or mentally sharper than my opponents. I'm on a mission to find out what makes the perfect athlete, how constantly striving for perfection can make you better and how the measure of perfect might look across different sports and environments. In this podcast I'm going to be talking to world-leading experts across a range of fields and world-class athletes from every sport. We'll explore their techniques, hacks and debunk any myths when striving for perfection and explore the breakthrough's in science and techniques that push the limits of what is possible. We're going to look into everything from the obvious such as nutrition, hydration, training methods and treatments to the more obscure including psychology, holistic approaches, breathing techniques and beyond. I'm really excited to get started on this podcast journey with you, you can sign up to be the first to hear about the launch of the podcast over at and reach out to me via my instagram page with any questions I'll see you soon for round 1!Sponsored and produced by Podcast Labs:
The Perfect Athlete Podcast
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