HR Stories Podcast - A Lesson in Every Story!
John Thalheimer, MS and Chuck Simikian, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Welcome to the HR Stories Podcast - where there is a lesson in every story. Our Storytellers - John Thalheimer and Chuck Simikian, the Team behind HR Stories, share real-life tales about where a business made a preventable mistake. At The HR Stories Podcast, the STORIES are the teaching tool! LISTEN to the stories of those that did not heed the warning signs. LEARN from their mistakes. ACT on best practices shared by our hosts and guests. Each year, our hosts Chuck Simikian and John Thalheimer, deliver thousands of live seminars around the country to business owners, executives, and HR professionals discussing the fundamentals of Human Resources, Leadership best practices, and legal risk reduction activities for organizations. In each HR Story episode, they share a story of where a company missed the mark and what went wrong...and how you can avoid their fate. As the Team at HR Stories, John and Chuck continue to develop and provide resources to help HR leaders, businesses owners, and organizations with the confidence they need to successfully when handling employee issues and building strong employee practices to be in compliance with employment laws. Both are successful entrepreneurs who help businesses through HR consulting, training, and coaching leaders. They have coached and trained thousands of HR Professionals as, Business Owners, and Leaders to prepare them for the future. When the Coronavirus stopped America in 2019, John and Chuck wanted to share their knowledge. They realized that the stories they shared in their seminars were the perfect vehicle to teach the principles of human resources management. In short, there is a lesson in every story. John is the Founding Director of True Star Leadership™, which focuses on helping managers and leaders learn the principles of performance management. Chuck is the Founding Partner of Alliance HR Partners, which provides HR consulting and training to businesses across the country. Together they have over 40 years navigating the challenges of HR and have recently published their book - The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists – Getting HR Right: Your Step-by-Step Reference for Avoiding Costly Mistakes. Go to for more information, download a free sample, and watch their webinar on the Secret Power Behind Successful Businesses.
HR Stories Podcast - A Lesson in Every Story!
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