Talking to Our Muslim Children About the LGBTQ Movement | Interview with Sheikh Tarek Ata
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One of Allah’s beautiful miracles in nature, one of His beautiful names, Al-Wadud, love, is now the billboard for a lifestyle that we received a serious warning against in the Quran. For those living in the West, this month of June marks a massive media event called ‘Pride Month.’ 

A month that not only recognizes the LGBTQ+ movement but is something we see everywhere. Whether it’s a simple trip to a store that has a huge display and looks very inviting to children with the rainbow clothing, or at their schools with students and teachers ‘showing their pride’ with rainbow shirts. 

This is a challenging topic for Muslim families, but to control the narrative, it’s vital that we as parents talk to our kids, because, whether we like it or not, they are forced to learn about it. 

And although it is more visible in the West, it exists everywhere. 

In this episode of IQRA Network Podcast, I talk to Sheikh Tarek Ata, Imam at Orange County Islamic Foundation. I met Sh. Ata at a recent talk he gave on this exact subject, “How to Talk to Our Muslim Kids About LGBTQ+.”

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