The Thyroid Fixer
The Thyroid Fixer
Jul 28, 2023
332. Is Your Body Getting In Its Own Way? Precision Nutrition and Lifestyle Opens the Doors
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Welcome to another inspiring episode where we are going to shake things up a little. Today, you're getting a front-row seat to a heart-to-heart chat with my special guest, Susan Robbins. She's not just any guest, she's a key player in my health coaching team. From day one, Susan and I just jived, and I think you'll be able to hear that in our conversation.

If you're a patient listening, chances are you're familiar with Susan's epigenetic work or maybe you're just about to dive into this journey with us. Once you hear this conversation, you'll be saying, "I NEED to work with this woman."

Our candid discussion shines the spotlight on you – yes, you! Behind the scenes, Susan and I talk about all our patients, your journey, your results, and yes, even your excuses. We're exploring who's walking the talk and who's letting excuses lead the way.

With Susan's program, she can dive deep into the specifics of your life – your environment, body, and lifestyle. She explores everything, from what you eat to when you sleep, how you handle stress, and even how you work out. Every detail matters because they all tie into your progression.

While I always emphasize the importance of optimizing thyroid and hormones – and rightly so – this isn't a journey you can make alone. It's a symphony, and all components must play in harmony. Lifestyle, nutrition, it all needs to synchronize to deliver the results you seek.

Sure, we could just prescribe thyroid hormone medication all day long, but without the right lifestyle adjustments (think late nights, poor diet), you'll be going nowhere fast. Equally, even with the best lifestyle and dietary practices, you're not going to make much progress if your thyroid and hormones are out of whack.

So, in this episode, we're doing a deep dive. We're calling out the excuses and exploring precision nutrition and lifestyle choices. We're talking about how to weave it all together for a healthier, happier you. Get ready for a no-nonsense chat about what it truly takes to improve your health.

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