A Conversation with Brianna Greenspan
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In this episode, I talked to Brianna Greenspan, and she shared all about her journey from growing up with a chronic illness, to overcoming all her limiting beliefs and being able to turn her experiences into huge nuggets of life lessons.

Brianna Greenspan is a chronic illness advocate, mentor for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, author, and Genetics Consultant at Gene By Gene, a genetic testing company based in Houston, Texas.

Since being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, Brianna has been using the power of positive affirmations and powerful mindset shifts to overcome the inherent obstacles of her condition.

She is passionate about nature, sustainability, wellness, advocacy work, and inspiring others to achieve their goals. Her life's work is centered around using her superpower as a master connector to facilitate all the good she can in collaborative settings to uplift global well-being mainly focused on medical genetics and education.

  • 2:48 - How it all started
  • 3:44 - You can't, you won't, you'll never
  • 6:43 - Feeling like a "little experiment"
  • 13:40 - Being muted
  • 18:55 - Unfolding
  • 22:44 - A pivotal moment
  • 25:12 - Her 3 jobs
  • 29:00 - Morning routine
  • 33:54 - Being a "medical anomaly" and overcoming this obstacle
  • 41:45 - The perfect example of the cross of limitations
  • 45:54 - Her two-fold answer on how to mindfully recharge every day

Learn more about Brianna and connect with her here:
Website https://www.briannagreenspan.com/
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