intersections (IPE)
--- A LONG-FORM PODCAST ---(want something quick go to tiktok!)What happens when this automotive detailer gets a microphone?...he creates a space for his clients to have discussions about things typically mentioned in his shop. Tim strives to be the best in his industry, and his clients are first hand witnesses. He has obtained seven awards for his work; awards that his CLIENTS have voted him for. In appreciation for their love they have awarded him, he wants to return the love to everyone by giving all a place to promote themselves and/or their businesses...FOR FREE.COVID-19 changed many business' strategies and Tim feels that FREE promotion is the best way to help others rebuild or strengthen their positions in the community. And community is something Tim feels is important. While he is limited and will shy away from public crowds, intersections (IPE) is his way of socializing with locals, giving back and supporting the community.Tim not only has discussions with business owners and influencers in the Acadiana area, he talks with guests from around the world that interest him. Be it a passionate business owner on the west coast of California or a manufacturer of a product in Europe, if Tim finds an interest he wants to learn and share with his audience.We hope you enjoy the content, get to know Tim and clients while exploring new businesses in that are highlighted each episode. IF YOU ARE NEW to Tim's business, POLISHED by:Full Attention to Detail, make sure to click the sponsor button above and check out the magic Tim delivers to his clients in Acadiana.
intersections (IPE)
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