The Mom Feed
Lauren Ashley Lobley
Welcome to The Mom Feed, a podcast about the transition into motherhood. I am your host, Lauren Ashley Lobley, mother to two young kids, Madison and Liam. Motherhood was “supposed” to come naturally me. It didn’t. And now I’m finally talking about it. Join me each week for real, raw, honest conversations about everything in and around what it means to become “mom.” As a woman transitions into motherhood, it creates the greatest changes in hormones and brain chemistry she’ll experience in her lifetime. It’s fair to say that among those internal changes - along with the external changes of having a new child - women need support. Welcome to your support team, ladies. Here, we tackle it all: the identity crises, the hormonal changes, the feeling like you have to be asuperhuman, the martyr complex, the balancing of work and mom life, the postpartum body changes and accepting those changes (or not!), baby proofing your relationships, discovering your parenting style - everything in and on the outskirts of what it means to become a mother, whether you came to it biologically or through some other means like fostering, adoption, surrogacy or even through marriage (yup, I see you, step mamas). Because the minute you become “mom,” life is never the same. Each week I speak with guests of all backgrounds: parenting experts, psychologists, nutritionists, physical therapists - experts of all kinds, most of whom are also parents, about the endless list of topics around motherhood. My goal is to empower you with information that will make your life easier, that will help you understand why you’re feeling the way you are, and give you permission to feel it all simultaneously. Join me for new episodes every Thursday!
The Mom Feed
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