How Days Off & Breaks Can Help Overwhelmed Moms Feeling Resentment in Marriage
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Let's talk about overwhelm in motherhood and resentment in marriage - because it is SUPER common. This episode is inspired by a question from a listener - head over to my Instagram or Website to ask a question of your own. It might even be featured in an episode, like today's episode!

Here are all of my tips to help this (and every other) overwhelmed mom who is starting to build resentment in a relationship with their spouse and partner. I have one simple solution that will benefit you, your partner, and your children. You can thank me later.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • Overwhelmed in Motherhood
  • Resentment in Marriage
  • Stay-at-home moms and depression
  • Why being a stay-at-home mom is so hard
  • How being a work-from-home mom and work-out-of-home mom is also hard
  • Needing a break as a mother
  • Asking for help in motherhood
  • Self-care in motherhood
  • Burnt-out mom (aka "mommy burnout")
  • Scheduling time-off
  • The importance of hobbies in motherhood
  • Discussing resentment in marriage and relationships
  • Making requests from your partner
  • Healthy Communication in Marriage as Parents
  • Navigating marriage and parenthood
  • Teaching your children how to care for themselves
  • Self-care for moms

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