Pantry Chat
Pantry Chat
Nov 21, 2020
A Homesteading Family Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving is almost here and that means food and lots of it! Prepping a big Thanksgiving feast can be challenging, but having a good strategy in place can make all the difference between being thankful or being stressed in the kitchen. 

In this episode of Pantry Chat, Josh and Carolyn share their own Thanksgiving menu, plus a few of their fun annual traditions, and some tips that can help you plan ahead to create a memorable and blessed holiday with your family. 

In this Episode

  • Get some of Carolyn and Josh’s favorite holiday recipes as well as Carolyn’s “go-to” pie crust. 
  • Why is Thanksgiving Josh and Carolyn’s favorite holiday? 
  • Why is sharing and giving thanks so important during this time? 
  • What is “Mayflower Night” and some of the other family traditions that Carolyn and Josh have every Thanksgiving?  
  • Why it’s OK to have pie for breakfast (Josh has a good reason!) 
  • What is on the menu for Thanksgiving this year at Josh and Carolyn’s house? 
  • Why you should write out your entire menu first and start by working backward?
  • The importance of having extra butter on hand. 
  • What to plan for dinner for the night before and what is a good breakfast option for Thanksgiving morning? 
  • Why BYOD (bring your own dishes) is a great alternative for reducing waste. 
  • Find someone you can bless and invite them to dinner this year.   
  • Question of the day: Annette asks, “do you have a preferred supplier for all your jars?” 


Old Fashioned On Purpose
Old Fashioned On Purpose
Jill Winger
S3 E1: The Victory Garden is BACK
Welcome back, my friends!  I can't begin to express how excited I am for what we're tackling in season three of the Old Fashioned on Purpose podcast. This past year was wild, to say the least.   I don't know about you, but I certainly never could've imagined that food shortage could be a topic of conversation in 2020.   Because of this, I'm dedicating this season to something that needs to be revived in this country:  The Victory Garden.   For those of you who've had a desire to start a garden of your own and didn't know where to start, then this season is specifically for you!  Follow along as I dig into the process of planning and planting my own Victory Garden as we take another step toward using our homestead to offer support within the community. * Is Dirt the New Prozac?   Discover Magazine study on the positive effects of bacteria in soil: * Design your dream homestead with my FREE handbook— grab it here: * Head to to get complimentary access to my best homestead resources. * Get more in-depth homestead info, printable recipes, and tutorials, and more on my blog at * Get Old-Fashioned on Purpose hats & shirts at * Follow Jill on YouTube: * Follow Jill on Instagram:
19 min
The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
Jill McSheehy
170 - Choosing Your Crops: Begin with the End in Mind
How do I want to use this vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower? If you're wondering what that looks like or means for you, we discuss all of the details that go into choosing your crops in today's podcast. Show Notes: (*links below contain affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.) Free Download: "Choosing Goal-Focused Varieties" SoilKit provides everything you need to do a soil sample and receive reports from a lab that you can understand and includes recommendations to keep your garden healthy. All you need to do is: * Collect * Mail in * Get results Soil Kit promo: WITHJILL20 -- $5 off a soil kit through 11/30/20 Ranch seasoning recipe Complete Garden Planner Complete Garden Planner Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Book: Connect with Jill: Sign up for Friday Emails: Instagram: Beginner's Garden Shortcut FB Group: Link to Beginner's Garden Podcast past episodes:
42 min
The Dirt: the gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine
The Dirt: the gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine
DC Thomson Media
I’m not a celeb, I’m just a man who loves his garden, says Gerald Stratford
Gerald Stratford has become quite the internet gardening phenomenon over the past year, captivating the Twittersphere with photos of his giant vegetable harvests. We were thrilled to get him on the line for a chat about his new-found fame, to steal some of his expertise for producing prize-winning carrots (and keeping pesky carrot fly at bay!), and to hear about that time he chopped off his marrow flowers by accident… uh oh! Plus we’re also joined by Malcom Catlin (from our sponsor Marshalls Garden) who reveals some exciting new seed varieties for 2021. We’re kicking the new year and new series off in style! 🥕 Don’t miss our special offer exclusively for listeners of The Dirt – you can get seven issues of Grow Your Own magazine for just £29.99 (that’s £11.94 off!) by calling 0800 904 7000 and quoting ‘GPOD7’, or visiting – where you’ll also find the full terms and conditions. 🌱 Marshalls Garden also has a fantastic offer exclusively for The Dirt podcast listeners. Buy ANY 10 packets of seed across the range and receive an interactive vegetable seed wheel growing guide (worth £4.99) for free! To claim this offer simply add ANY 10 packets of seed, along with the seed wheel (product code 1090-3500) to your basket and then use code GYO10 when you check out. Hurry offer expires on the 27th January 2021. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply, and full details can be found on our website at 🎙️ Could you be a future guest star of The Dirt? If you have some funny garden fails or easy growing hacks get in touch on, or say hello on social media! ⓣ Twitter ⓕ Facebook ⓘ Instagram
1 hr 1 min
Soil Sense
Soil Sense
NDSU Extension
DIRT Workshop Roundup: Strip Tillage, Cover Crops, Relay Crops, and Grazing
This is our final episode of season three. What a great season it has been! To close out season three, we wanted to bring you a highlight reel from the recent DIRT workshop. However, with two full days of material and dozens of experts weighing in on a variety of topics - there was no way to condense things down to a 30 minute Soil Sense episode. So instead, I chose to pull clips from four different individuals, each of which weighed in on a different panel during the DIRT Workshop. Today’s guests were chosen not only for great information and stories, but also because they have not yet been featured on this podcast.You’ll hear from Steven Schuster, a farmer in Minto, North Dakota, talking about strip tillage, then will hear from Stefan Gailans, who is with the Practical Farmers of Iowa talking about cover crops, then Russ Gesch from USDA ARS based out of Morris, MN who shared about relay cropping, and will finish today’s episode with rancher Jerry Doan from McKenzie, ND who describes some of this practices grazing cover crops. “It’s not necessarily about getting the highest yield. It’s about having the most profit from the yield that you are getting, and controlling risk.” - Steven Schuster “A living cover crop is still standing up. Those row units can move through that a little better, so that they don’t plug. They can cut through the cover crop in the soil, get good depth control, and cover up that furrow again.” - Stefan Gailans (on planting soybeans green) “We call these winter oilseed ‘cash cover crops’, because we’re wanting to harvest them to tap into new markets, but also getting those environmental benefits of using it as a cover crop.” - Russ Gesch, Ph.D. (on relay cropping camelina/soybean) “When I was growing up, it was wheat and summer fallow, and half of that soil is in South Dakota because that’s where it blew to back in those days. And I didn’t know if we could bring those soils back...and we’ve been really impressed by how we ARE bringing those back.” - Jerry Doan This Week on Soil Sense: * Steven Schuster, farmer from Minto, ND talks about strip tillage * Stefan Gailans, research and field crops director for the Practical Farmers of Iowa talks about cover crops * Russ Gesch, Ph.D., research plant physiologist with USDA ARS in Morris, MN on relay cropping camelina * Jerry Doan, rancher from McKenzie, ND on grazing cover crops Connect with Soil Sense: * _Soil Sense Initiative _ Soil Sense Podcast is hosted by _Tim Hammerich_ of the _Future of Agriculture Podcast_.
28 min
Homemaker Chic
Homemaker Chic
Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott
The Professional Homemaker
What does it mean to be a PRO homemaker?   What would get you sacked from your job if you were being paid?  You got skills girlfriend!  We're taking a LOOK at homemaking as a profession today!  Today's show is brought to you by Angela's OLD WORLD DESIGN SOCIETY! The Old World Design Society is a place for individuals who cherish the elements of a bygone era. It’s for people who live by the motto that ‘new is not always better’ and have a collective love for the lived-in spaces and heirloom pieces that make a ‘house’ a ‘home’. Craving inspiration? Velvet sofas, gilded frames, ironstone, hand-sewn linens, vintage books, regal estates, and charming cottages? If words like these are a part of your language, it can be difficult to find your way through a maze of all-white social media feeds. As a part of the Old World Design Society, you’ll have access to rich, inspiring creativity and education and, best of all, you’ll meet friends who speak your language.  Enjoy a quarterly publication (paper or digital), online group support, design challenges, early access to Angela's Private Collection Sales and more! JOIN the WINTER SESSION at https://www.oldworld.parisiennefarmgi... Cue the WINE MUSIC! Today’s “What We’re Sipping” segment is brought to you by Dry Farm Wines is an online wine subscription that pairs organic, biodynamic, naturally yeasted, low-sugar, lower-alcohol wines from all over the world. As Dry Farm customers, we get to share in their love for organic, natural and traditionally made wines.  “better, not more.” So check out their better wines. You can get either 3,6 or 12 bottles delivered to your door monthly. Drink Dry Farm Wines with Ang and Shaye!   Shop and Sip at: ryFarmWinewithHomemakerChic NEW VIDEO VERSION OF THE SHOW! Want to SEE the laughs, red lips, and stalking toddlers?  Become a Fan Girl Patron for our BIGGEST and latest perk ever!   Access to the VIDEO version of the show!   Now you can listen while you clean the house and WATCH while you snuggle up at night instead of Netflix.   As if your husband wasn't already sick of us!  Watch us eye roll, dance, and carry on as a Patron member you'll have TOTAL access to the video version of the show!   Visit to get hooked up!
1 hr 6 min
Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life
Lisa Bass
84. Q and A with my Husband, Luke!
I edited most of this out, because we had too much fun with this this episode! Haha. I still think we got some good stuff anyway! Get my FREE blogging success masterclass: MY BLOG COURSE Learn how our family supports ourselves full-time on our homestead with our blog and Youtube channel with my blogging course. Join over 1000 students in learning how to grow your own blog from scratch in my proven program: Berkey water filter with Simple Farmhouse Life podcast discount- You can get the review here- Grab my Ebook recently updated with ALL of my sourdough recipes here- Get my free 10 day course on how to start a blog here- Follow along with Farmhouse on Boone: The blog- The Youtube channel- Instagram - GRAB MY FREE EBOOKS 5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen Mini Guide - Cleaning with Essential Oils - 5 Kefir Smoothie Recipes - Farmhouse Favorites Sourdough Recipes - Get my free essential oils class to learn all about the oils we use in the farmhouse! Watch it HERE - Thanks again for listening and I'll see you in the next episode of the Simple Farmhouse Life podcast!
39 min
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