#35 Do This To Feel Happier In Motherhood ("Hack" 1)
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What's the best motherhood brain hack to be a happier mother?

Today on MAMA, UNLEASHED! I explain why I don’t like the term “hack”, especially in motherhood, and why we should instead be focussing on tools, strategies, exercises and protocols, to get real and long-lasting results.

 In this episode, I talk about the similarities, differences and connections of the brain and the mind, and the role each play in your feelings of happiness in motherhood. I give you my first of many non-hack motherhood brain hacks (you’ll see why I named it that) and steps for how to use it immediately and start feeling happier.  

- Workshop: How To Be A Happier Mother – use your unique neurobiology as your catalyst to thrive in motherhood  

An introduction to the motherhood brain and mind, yourself in matrescence, neuroplasticity (the way your brain changes especially when you become a mother) and how you can train your brain and mind to feel happier in motherhood.

Learn more at https://drjen.ck.page/219c0d6552

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[1.50] Why it is important to decide what happy means for you.

[4.30] What is matrescence?

[5.11] Two reasons I don’t like the term “hack, especially in motherhood.

[6.36] Why you can’t hack your way out of doing the work to feel happy – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual work.

[7.50] Neuroplasticity and how our thoughts help shape our brain and mind.

[8.13] What are the brain and the mind are and how do they work?

[13.28] Steps and tool you can use to influence your happiness.

Thanks so much for listening and for your interest in becoming a happier mother.

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