#33 How To Truly Thrive in Matrescence
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If you knew about matrescence - the developmental transformation a woman goes through when she becomes a mother - before you became a mum, would it have changed your motherhood experience?

In this episode of MAMA, UNLEASHED! I share with you knowledge, information and an evidence-based strategy that will help you thrive in matrescence, especially if you are expecting a baby.

Becoming a mother shakes you up and you have little control over how matrescence will manifest for you. But you can prepare yourself, and learn  to thrive in matrescence and feel truly happy in motherhood

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In this episode you will learn:

[3.30] A woman has three reproductive stages in life: menarche, matrescence and menopause

[7.50] Matrescence – when a woman is reproducing and becoming a mother, is the most understudied of the three.

[10.10] What is matrescence, where does the term come from and what does it mean?

[15.55] Learn how a woman’s brain changes when she becomes a mother

[27.15] What else influences how matrescence will manifest for you

[29.00] Being prepared for matrescence with knowledge, and understanding yourself is paramount in making matrescence work for you.

[37.30] Write yourself a matrescence plan

Thanks so much for listening and for your interest in becoming a happier mother.

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