Revive Your Midlife Marriage
Deanna Bryant
This podcast is for women in midlife that want to revive a floundering marriage.Often, when the kids leave a new phase of marriage begins. Unfortunately, many couples struggle to nurture this new phase because either they don't know what to do, or they have become apathetic about their marriage and resign themselves to accept things as is, even when what is, is less than satisfying. Maybe the conversations are perfunctory and shallow, the time you spend together doing meaningful and fun things is something of the past or the closeness you once felt, in the beginning, has waned. You might even question if staying is even worth it anymore. You can't go back to what you had before. Mature marriage needs a new approach. My marriage had been placed on the back burner as we raised children, dealt with chaotic schedules, built careers, managed a household, and sought financial stability. When our kids grew up and it was just the two of us again, our marriage was anorexic. We had three choices: stay miserable, divorce, or change our approach. We chose the latter, but we had to learn and implement new skills and practices, change old patterns, and start doing things differently with intention. My marriage is better today than it was in the beginning! In this podcast, I will be covering many topics related to the midlife marriage relationship, helping you look at what isn't working and giving you solid tips on how to revamp your marriage and make it thrive. Topics will include updating your communication approach, increasing intimacy, creating meaningful shared experiences, and a multitude of things in between that relate to the challenges of a midlife marriage. Whatever you are struggling with, in your marriage, you are not alone. Join me as I help you REVIVE YOUR MIDLIFE MARRIAGE.
Revive Your Midlife Marriage
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