Cannabis, food, and healing with Chef Jordan Wagman
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Today on the show we welcome chef Jordan Wagman to talk about the work he is doing to incorporate cannabis into his amazing cooking as a way of advocating for its health benefits. Jordan starts by talking about how his early relationship with cannabis began when he was diagnosed with psoriasis and used it as a way of easing the pain. Years later, after he had become a chef, he made drastic changes to his diet involving the inclusion of cannabis along with the exclusion of refined sugar, and thereafter experienced tremendous health benefits.

Now Jordan is on a mission to help others have a similar experience to him and we spend our discussion asking him about how he cooks with cannabis, his favorite recipes, and how the average person can start to build their own amateur cannabis kitchen. Jordan talks about his method for making delicious cannabis-infused emulsifications and the value of using a cannabinoid that you purchased as far as incorporating the right dose. He speaks about his famous fruit leather recipe and why it makes such a good on-the-go snack. He also shares top tips for the best kinds of appliances and methods to use at home so that you can make delicious food using cannabis as an ingredient.

After our enlightening conversation with Jordan, we welcome William Dolphin onto the show for our ASA segment, where we discuss the journey to understanding the relationship between cannabis and mental health. William Describes a discrepancy between what doctors say about cannabis and the way it is used, shares case studies that disrupt the perception that it is dangerous for mental health, and speaks about the challenge posed by doctors who are doing their research from within a ‘harm paradigm’. For all this and more, tune in with us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Perspectives on cannabis as a source of food.
  • An introduction into Jordan and the work he does with food and cannabis.
  • How Jordan ended up being a cannabis chef.
  • Jordan’s struggle with psoriasis which led him to seek sunshine and smoke pot.
  • How Jordan realized the health benefits of cannabis in food and began to advocate for them.
  • How the removal of refined sugar from his diet helped Jordan’s health.
  • Jordan’s method of preparing for that contains cannabis but not refined sugar.
  • How to start experimenting with making your own edibles a home.
  • The importance of immersing your cannabis product well into your cooking.
  • How important it is to purchase your own cannabinoids.
  • How much easier it is to introduce people to cannabis consumption over food.
  • The must-haves when it comes to building an amateur cannabis kitchen.
  • Jordan’s favorite recipe and why he loves his fruit leather so much.
  • Whether it makes a difference what food you consume cannabis with.
  • Perspectives on the new frontier of consumption lounges and cannabis restaurants.
  • William Dolphin joins us for our ASA segment.
  • How different what doctors say about cannabis is from what people who use cannabis experience with it.
  • That cannabis is often associated with mental health disorders although people use it to self-medicate those.
  • New case studies that disrupt perceptions that cannabis causes mental illness.
  • The need for more careful research on how cannabis affects mental health.
  • The need to get away from the harm paradigm that cannabis is studied under.

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