Telling cannabis stories with pictures with Anthony Travagliante
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Welcome to another episode of the Cannabis Enigma! We’ve got something a little different for you today. We’ll be talking about how visual storytelling can be used in the cannabis space with Anthony Travagliante. 

Hear the tale of how Anthony came to work in the cannabis space, telling the stories of cannabis brands and making them accessible to non-users. Find out how he has overcome some of the challenges caused by COVID, what he enjoys most about the industry, and the strides it is making in business. Elana is uniquely positioned to review his services for listeners, having hired Anthony herself, she closes her conversation with him with a shining recommendation.

During the second half of our conversation, we are joined by Abbey Roudebush for the ASA segment, who gives us some insight on the newly published State of States Report. Learn what's included in the report, how the dataset is compiled, and who it is intended to educate. Abbey shares why they have totally revamped the scale and metric they once used to calibrate this kind of data and leaves us with the big takeaway that no state is perfect, but some are making strides. Join us to hear all this and more today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s topic: how visual storytelling can be used in the cannabis space.
  • Meet today’s guest, Anthony Travagliante, and how he is connected to our community.
  • Lockdown challenges and how they sparked creativity while shooting.
  • The story of how Anthony came to work in the cannabis space as a storyteller.
  • What he enjoys about the industry and what it is doing in business.
  • How he sees his role in telling the story within the cannabis space.
  • His favorite target audience: the people who wouldn’t usually be interested.
  • Some of the biggest challenges he faces with different clients.
  • Who his ideal clients are for web, photo and design, and events, and what he does for them.
  • A plug for his brother Dustin’s shop in Brunswick, selling inhalables.
  • Elana Goldberg’s positive review of Anthony’s services after having hired him.
  • An introduction to the ASA segment of the show with Abbey Roudebush, Director of Government Affairs at Americans for Safe Access.
  • We discuss the State of States Report that came out this week. 
  • What the report and assessment consist of.
  • The main audience for the report: policymakers across the country.
  • The individualized recommendations included in the report.
  • How they have totally revamped the scale and metric they once used. 
  • How the majority of the states are not doing well on the grading system.
  • Where to find the full report.
  • The big takeaway she wants to share: no state is perfect.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Anthony Travagliante on Instagram
Americans for Safe Access
State of the States
Trav Media Group
Abbey Roudebush on LinkedIn

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