Constructed Resources #8 - Zendikar Previews and Q&A
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Zendikar previews are popping off, so LSV and BK talk about all the most exciting ones for Constructed before tackling a wide variety of listener questions.

Deck of the Week
Mono-Black God-Pharaoh's Gift

Deck of the Week: 01:48
Zendikar Previews: 06:06
Q and A: 37:55

Social Media
Andrew Baeckstrom - @abaeckst
Luis Scott-Vargas - @lsv

Magic Mics Podcast
Magic Mics Podcast
Evan Erwin
Fallen From Favor - MMics Alter Sleeves, Kaldheim, Bannings, and Much More!
Support the show! Visit our sponsor: Check out the twitch channel: Visit our subreddit: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Want the 2hr+ NSFW Extended experience? Support us on Patreon! Airdate - 1/20/2021 First Pick New Sponsor! Magic Mics Alter Sleeves! Gather the Townsfolk Kaldheim Full Spoiler Up - Final Card(s) to discuss? Evan - Doomskar Erin - Serpent’s Soul-Jar Reuben - Ascendant Spirit, Haunting Voyage Fall from Favor Banned in Pauper: Promo Sethron for Year of the Ox: Kaldheim PPR: League Weekend Standings: League Weekend Metagame: PSA 10 Graded, Signed, Black Lotus Hits eBay: ChannelFireball + BinderPOS: Desperate Ravings Sam Black Talks Snow Hate (re: Reidane, God of Justice): Nick Detwiler’s Thoughts on the Reserved List: GIVEAWAY & THANKS
46 min
Solely Singleton
Solely Singleton
Solely Singleton
S12E0 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
On this very strangely numbered episode of Solely Singleton: Brad and Eric do a meta-podcast about podcasting. What microphones do they use? What software? How underpaid is Christian? All of these answers are found inside. The pair then walk you through the experimental structure season 12 has in store for you! Do not skip the news segment of this episode! 00:54 - Intro 3:40 - Meta-Talk, Making a Podcast 1:08:45 - Season 12 Podcast News 1:35:30 - Outro Show Links: InkedGaming Affiliate Link: Mics: Stands and pop filters: Audacity: Music Licenses: Solely Singleton Website: Solely Singleton Patreon: The Starter Cube - The Misers Cube: Brad’s Main Cube: Eric’s Travel Cube: Draft the cubes of our Biggest Supporters: Riku - The Jund Cube Spootyone - The Spooty Peasant Cube DruMau5 - War on the Middle Class DraftTemptation - 9-5 cube Awkamess - Multicolor Custom Cube Heroscreed - Peasant Cube Rofeletan - Rof's Cube toddCubed - The 720º Cactar - Cactar’s Cube Dekkaru - Dekkaru Cube MattDef - N1ghtKn1ght Cube Contact Information: You can interact with Solely Singleton by joining the hosts on discord and twitter to give input to improve the show. Feel free to email more detailed questions and comments to the show’s email address. Your Hosts: Brad (DrRuler) & Eric (OnekuoSora) Brad’s Twitter: Eric’s Twitter: Show Email: Show Website: Show Mailing Address: PO Box 70893 Rochester Hills, MI 48307 Licensed Music Used By This Program: "There It Is" by Kevin MacLeod From the Free Music Archive CC BY "Thursday & Snow (Reprise)" by Blank & Kytt From the Free Music Archive CC BY "Chiaroscuro" by Andrew Codeman From the Free Music Archive CC BY “Groovy Baby” by Jason Shaw From the Free Music Archive CC BY “Off to Osaka” by Kevin MacLeod From the Free Music Archive CC BY “Ugly” by Vienna Ditto From the Free Music Archive CC BY
1 hr 39 min
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