Self Care Spotlight
Validating Your Inner Child & Going to Therapy with Alyssa Mancao
Jan 7, 2020 · 55 min
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Season 5 is all about relationships as self care. The intention? To strengthen and understand our most important relationships, starting with you and your inner child. Because self care might have the word “self” in there, but we all know that how we interact with others, has everything to do with our own self worth, joy and what we bring with us from our childhoods. Whether you had a wonderful or not so wonderful upbringing, our childhoods shape our lives deeply and we all have hurts. Alyssa Mancao, a psychotherapist with a specialty in EMDR and the inner child, sat down with me to discuss the value in working with your inner child, destigmatizing therapy, the current trend of therapy, validating your unique childhood wounds, and she offers up a beautiful exercise to speak to your inner child. This episode had me thinking about my own upbringing, and it’s clear to me where I still have work to do to step fully into my power. It starts with you. Let’s journey back.

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I used the OG Journal Deck with Alyssa. Find it here.


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