EP. 3 How to Hire and Retain the Best Talent, with Susie Japs
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How to attract – Go deeply into your purpose

  • Create an engaging and purposeful culture
  • 75% of the workforce will be millennials by 2025.  
  • Millennials say that culture and learning is more important than pay.
  • Millennials want to connect to a “Purposeful” Culture
  • Focus your actions and conversations on (1) why you are in business, (2) what do you do as company that connects to the purpose, (3) how does your company make a difference, and (4) how does an individual at your company make a difference
  • How to do this:  Create a Brand Purpose Sheet with a Visual of what your company stands for 
    • Who are you? 
    • Why are you here? 
    • What do you want to accomplish 

How to retain – Get everyone involved

  • Create initiatives that connect employees to the company purpose 
    • Community Focused Initiatives 
    • Innovation Initiatives 
  • Ask employees to participate
  • As management…act on these ideas
  • Take on experiments to deal with the challenges of COVID – tell your team that you are experimenting to make things more effective

How to Hire – Customize your video outreach

  • If you are going to do job boards…create the ads from the perspective of the candidate
  • Better than job ads are creating customized messages
  • Have the hiring manager or the CEO reach out to candidates you truly desire
  • Create customized video message and have your best talent in those videos

How to Interview – Be extremely intentional

  • Take time to IDENTIFY the core behaviors that make someone successful in your company and on your team
  • Throw OUT the resume – Look at what it takes to be successful on YOUR team, and ask questions around that
  • Create open ended questions (NOT FROM GOOGLE) based on situations that the candidate will encounter in YOUR business
  • Look for:  How do they think, How would they react, What questions are they asking you, what’ their approach, do they fit?

How do you Retain – Focus engagement surveys on your “A” Players and build a culture around them!

  • Create a set of criteria for your “A” Players (“Talent Profile”), irrespective of who your “A” Players are now
  • Survey your “A” Players separately – this is a MILLION DOLLAR idea!
  • Looking at the responses from your top performers, focus on those issues FIRST!

How to build an Effective Virtual Workforce – Create a M.A.P.

  • “M” – Meetings – This is about Effectiveness.  Set Standard and Clear Expectations for Meetings, Roles, Projects – Take the extra time to develop clarity through conversations, since we are separated geographically 
    • To enhance effectiveness – assign two people to the same assignment, forcing them to interact and collaborate 
    • For weekly meetings ask for L.M.S. – Learnings, Mistakes, Support 
      • At every weekly meeting have everyone share what did I learn, what mistake did I make, where do I need support? 
  • “A” – Accountability – Focus on managing the RESULTS, not the time!
  • “P” – Performance – Create more touch points to inspire people to interact more and constantly motivate them to perform 
    • Have more meetings (once a week vs. twice a week) AND make them shorter! 

How to be a more effective Virtual Leader – Vulnerability

  • Ask for support
  • Share where your head is at, especially if you can’t take something on at the moment
  • Talk about your personal space
  • Share with your team members what you are doing to support them personally
  • Share your appreciation for all that they do

Audio Credit: Show Me the Way, Vendredi 

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