Monetize Your Payments
Greg Myers
Unbiased information for b2b vertical software companies to learn and understand the nuances of the payment facilitator space. When monetizing payments there are several different facets you have to consider, such as boarding, processing, user experience, legal, risk, business model, pricing, settlement, funding, analytics, reporting, and on and on. Do you fully understand what it takes to become a payments company? What are the risks versus the rewards? Can I make the investment in time, money and effort? These are just a few of the many questions you will need to answer. The bottom line is that monetizing your payments can be lucrative, but it isn’t easy and isn’t right for everybody. There are options besides becoming a registered payment facilitator. There are programs and companies that you can partner with and still create a revenue source without the risk. My goal is to provide you both sides of the story so to speak – so you make the best decision for your business. Along the way we’ll hear from software companies that have been successful integrating payments into what they do. You’ll hear their success stories, maybe what tripped them up and how they overcame challenges. This will also be a platform for service providers to talk about their views, opinions, products, services, best practices and more. If it goes on in the payment facilitator or payfac market and has anything to do with monetizing payments, we will be talking about it.
Monetize Your Payments
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