Bogus or Benefit: Buzzwords in Sustainability
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We’ve heard words like eco-friendly, sustainability, greenwashing, carbon neutral and many more. What do these words really mean? Consumers are becoming much more focused around what products they buy, how it’s sustainably made and the reputation of the company that makes it. In this episode, We speak to Paige Goff, VP of Sustainability at Domtar, and explore sustainability buzzwords’ true meaning. Learn how not to fall prey to greenwashing messages and dig deeper into how to make sustainable choices. 

You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • How and why do companies exaggerate their sustainability practices? 
  • Bogus sustainability buzzwords versus beneficial buzzwords
  • The real reason why a paper company is focused on sustainability. 
  • The value of third party certification and why it’s important. 
  • Beyond sustainability

Quotes from this Episode:

“A lot of companies say, ‘go green and don't use paper because it's good for the environment,’ when in fact, what they're really saying is it's going to be cheaper for us. We all need to cut costs and make sure that we're viable for the next day forward. The main thing is that you just need to be honest about it and that the reason why you want to use less paper may not necessarily be because it's good for the environment. It's more because you're trying to save money.”

-Paige Goff, VP of Sustainability, Domtar Paper

“A lot of people use logos that they've created on their own, which doesn't mean anything and makes you feel like it might be third-party verified. This is misleading. 100% sustainable sounds good but there's no regulation around some of these words. If you don't have a definition or description, why are you 100% sustainable?

-Paige Goff, VP of Sustainability, Domtar Paper




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