04. The Consultant's Turing Test
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In this episode, Bruno explains what the Consultant's Turing Test is and how to be prepared for it when your interviews come.


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3:40 - What is the Turing Test, and how this AI-testing method from the 50s can help you understand how your interviewers use their "6th sense" to see if you'll do well in consulting - regardless of how well you've done in the case

13:22 - Why "checking all the boxes" and "acing the case" is not enough and you have to subjectively "seem like a consultant" to get the offer (or you'll run the risk of seeming "over-prepared")

23:59 - Why getting the nuance and understanding your interviewer's thought process are two of the keys to pass the Consultant's Turing Test

31:47 - The most critical "Turing Test" mistake you should avoid (this one is especially common with people who've joined Consulting Clubs in school)

33:58 - The most important principle to make your interviewer feel like you're born for consulting, and 3 final practical tips to pass the Consultant's Turing Test

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