02. How to create great structures FAST (under 2 minutes)
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In this episode we will show you how to create great structures fast in your case interviews (instead of mediocre structures slowly).

You will learn...

  • How fast you really need to be when creating your initial structures (everyone says it's 2 minutes, but it's not that simple...)
  • The bi-modal structuring practice technique that will help you improve the quality of your structure while decreasing the time you take to build it
  • How to NEVER be caught off-guard when the interviewer finally interrupts your thinking time and asks you to start speaking


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If you're looking to improve your case solving skills, make sure you check out our free course at www.craftingcases.com/course

Inside this free course, you will learn...

  • How to identify and answer each of the six (and only six) types of questions that you will have in your case interviews (these happen in ALL types of cases!)

  • How to structure ANY case with a customized structure and how to stay structured throughout the case (even if you've never seen a case like that before)

  • Tons of practice drills to optimize your learning (this helps you put theory into practice and focus on your weaknesses, even if you don't have the time to do mock interviews every day)



01:21 - Why do candidates feel like they need to be so fast? (and how Julio froze in one of his Bain interviews)

05:03 - How to buy more time while you're structuring and how to deal with interviewers interrupting while you're building your structure

15:19 - How fast do you really need to be?

23:40 - Why you should get good before even thinking about getting fast (and how to do that)

37:16 - Small tweaks to your regular practice that will allow you to structure without time to think

40:23 - The bi-modal practice technique

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