This Is A Voice
This Is A Voice
Sep 26, 2022
Somatic exercises, trauma, nerves & polyvagal theory with Petra Borzynski
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Petra Borzynski, singer, cognitive behavioural therapist & somatic vocal coach, is back with Gillyanne and Jeremy for more wisdom on dealing with emotion.

Teacher boundaries, the difference between trauma and emotional discomfort, and why you don't need to be your student's therapist.

There are questions on somatic exercises for performance nerves, and Jeremy shares what he did to deal with the extreme nerves in his workshop at the PEVoC conference last month.

And a question on which exercises might stimulate the vagus nerve, and a discussion on polyvagal theory.

Also why you don't need to be an expert in every field (and what Jeremy thinks causes that problem). And building a network of like-minded experts around you.

It's an incredibly deep and useful episode for singing teachers, singers and performers alike.

You can see Gillyanne being (but not sounding) nervous and how she deals with it at the beginning of her Round Table at the Pan European Voice Conference here

Petra Borzynski's work is here -
Mental Health in the Performing Arts Studio course -

Voo breathing Peter Levine 

Polyvagal theory -
   Organising principles:
   20 page primer:

Resources from Gillyanne and Jeremy -
This Is A Voice - 99 Exercises to Train, Project and Harness the Power of Your Voice 

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