This Is A Voice
This Is A Voice
Jul 22, 2020
What is practising?
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What makes good practising? How do we practise?
Vocal coach Jeremy Fisher and singing consultant Dr Gillyanne Kayes chat about techniques, tips and hacks for getting your singing practice focused and effective.

Learning, memorising, things you need to practise, putting it together - they are all different.
How do you help singers to know what to practise and how to practise - what's the difference between understanding what to practise and experiencing what to practise?
What does a singer need to practise that instrumentalists don't?
If you get a skill wrong, can you undo it and how does neuroplasticity fit in?
Whose responsibility is it if your student keeps getting things wrong?

Hear the 3 AMAs we chose that were recorded on
How much time in a lesson is it reasonable to practice [supervised]?
How can I stay still when I'm practising instead of walking around the room?
What's the difference between practising and rehearsing?

We also have news of a survey on singing practise aimed at 7-18 year-olds around the world - please listen then fill in the survey!

Today's podcast is sponsored by Vocal Process
The Featured Resource today is: What's In A Warmup? The online training webinar on great vocal warmup tools, and the difference between a warmup and a skill.

The free Vocal Process Build-Your-Own-Larynx template is at

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