How Novel!
How Novel!
Oct 15, 2020
My Friend Anna (Delvey AKA the fake German Heiress)
Play • 1 hr 48 min

Alternative title: Hey, can I borrow $70,000? I'll wire it back tomorrow. I have the tracking number right here!

Alex and Claire discuss Rachel William's book 'My Friend Anna.' An attempt to (cash in on) DISCUSS Anna Delvey, a Russian lass who scammed the whole New York 'art and rich c*nts scene,'  and Rachel herself.  A&C don't really like the book, which is mostly Rachel trying to not sound like an extremely privileged Vanity Fair employee hanging out with a known sh*tbag for free sparkle nailzzzzzzzzzzzz.

But that's only because preying on fake rich people to get rich is Alex and Claire's get rich quick plan. Don't be frightening the socialites away, Rachel. 

Read this The Cut article , but not before YOU LISTEN TO US TALKING SH*T ABOUT 'MY FRIEND ANNA,'  YOU GOLD DIGGERS!

Also, don't worry at 1hr and 19. It's not your headphones glitching. It's Claire's brain. 
Be there or catch me outside how 'bout dat.

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