Democracy Paradox
Democracy Paradox
Nov 16, 2021
Amory Gethin on Political Cleavages, Inequality, and Party Systems in 50 Democracies
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Indeed, the moderation of left-wing party’s economic policy proposals in the eighties and in the nineties and the decision to promote an unregulated capitalism with no kind of proper compensation and no tax harmonization leading to greater offshore wealth and rising inequality. All these decisions have played a role in leading the working class to take distance from these parties and, at the same time, enabling these new issues to take a growing importance.

Amory Gethin

A full transcript is available at or a short review of Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities: A Study of 50 Democracies, 1948-2020 here.

Amory Gethin is a PhD candidate at the Paris School of Economics and a research fellow at the world Inequality Lab. He is a coeditor (along with Clara Martinez-Toledano and Thomas Piketty) of Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities: A Study of 50 Democracies, 1948-2020.

Key Highlights Include

  • Why have multi-elite party systems emerged in Western democracies?
  • Describes the divide between the "Brahmin Left" and "Merchant Right"
  • How do party systems differ between Western and Non-Western democracies?
  • Descriptions of party systems in India, Eastern Europe, and Brazil
  • Why have party systems changed?

Key Links

Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities. A Study of 50 Democracies, 1948-2020 edited by Amory Gethin, Clara Martinez-Toledano and Thomas Piketty

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