Democracy Paradox
Democracy Paradox
Jun 22, 2021
Freedom House: Sarah Repucci Assesses Freedom in the World
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Democracy is about more than elections. Election day is very important, but what is happening in the country every other day is an integral part to what a democracy is and if you think about the fundamental freedoms that we think of in our own democracy: free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association and assembly, also things like the independence of the judiciary, these are all things that are on the civil liberties side.

Sarah Repucci

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Sarah Repucci is the Vice President of Research and Analysis at Freedom House and coauthor (alongside  Amy Slipowitz) of the executive summary of the report Freedom in the World 2021: Democracy Under Siege.

* Note * Sarah's mic died early in the interview. The audio quality is not bad, but will sound different. Hopefully it does not take away from the quality of the interview.

Key Highlights Include

  • Why democracy continues its steady decline
  • The influence of China and the U.S. on global democracy
  • The role of civil liberties in democracy
  • Impact of the pandemic on democracy
  • Discussion of democracy in India, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and the United States

Key Links

Read the landmark report from Freedom House Freedom in the World 2021: Democracy Under Siege

Visit Freedom House online at

Follow Freedom House on Twitter @freedomhouse

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