An interview with Presidential candidate Brock Pierce | SHDL 7
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Presidential candidate Brock Pierce joins this weeks Super Happy Dragon Lucky. Tune in to learn more about Brock Pierce his campaign, thoughts on economy, and how to unite the world to live peacefully. Also learn where to find clue #3 for the Open Source Money documentary contest.

Learn more about Brock Pierce his campaign:

  • You’ve been featured in episodes of Open Source Money - what do you think of the show so far?
  • We’ve never met before - nice to meet you
  • You’re also a Disney orphan
    • Did you ever visit club 33?
  • What do you think of progress in the crypto world in the past 2 years since filming Open Source Money?
  • Announced your candidacy for US President - I want to talk to you about your platform...
  • Platform
    • Will you work for elimination of the SEC?
    • IRS?
    • In one of the clips, you talk about lobbyists. With current tech, much of the govt could be operated in a decentralized way, with representatives in their own districts. Will you actively seek to decentralize govt?
    • Would you favor a move to replace fiat currency with a return to the gold standard or alternatively, with BTC or some index of precious metal and crypto?
    • Would you work to end the war on drugs and legalize cannabis or other substances?
    • Edu reform
    • Thoughts on gun control?
    • What will you do about China?
    • Is China’s proposed digital currency a threat to the West?
    • What do you think of Chinese involvement in COVID-19?
    • Would you release all of the JFK files? 
    • Would you release all files & info about aliens/UFOs?
    • Why should people vote for you?

Rapid fire questions

  • Biden
  • Trump
  • Kanye
  • China
  • DS
  • Puerto Rico 
  • Justin Sun
  • CZ
  • Bully
  • Assange
  • Ross Ulbricht/DPR
  • Hollywood
  • Disney
  • Pizzagate/Pedogate
  • Epstein
  • Masks
  • America

Open Source Money contest details:

Blockchain platform and technology 

Blockchain platform solutions 

Build blockchain applications 





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