Hyperlocal Real Estate Investing with Aaron Mazzrillo #ddre20
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Aaron Mazzrillo is an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, and a marketer based in the Inland Empire. Hailing from Massachusetts, Aaron became involved in real estate in the early 90s after he and his wife decided to pack everything up and move to California. Since then, he has been buying, rehabbing, renting, and selling properties. This week on the podcast, Aaron shares how he survived the Great Recession, finding off-market deals, the importance of marketing and messaging, and how he continues to stay busy in a tight real estate market.

00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast welcomes Aaron Mazzrillo
02:08 How and why Aaron Mazzrillo got started in real estate and how he survived the Great Recession and lived to talk about it
16:21 What Aaron did that was key to his success during 2009-2012 and the one regret he has wholesaling deals at the time
18:39 Use of capital as real estate investors and what separates pros from the newbies in the business when calculating ROI
21:33 Rent or Flip? How do you make that decision as a real estate investor?
25:32 What does it take to become a real estate investor
27:17  Matching a hyperlocal list to a hyper-personalized message
30:14 Aaron shares tips on how to connect with different types of sellers
34:52 Which marketing channels is Aaron using in his business?
35:36 The importance of hyper-local marketing strategy
39:17 How did COVID impact Aaron's real estate investing?
43:36 Repeatable processes and the technology stack Aaron has deployed in his business
51:14 The difference between suspect and prospect in real estate investing
52:13 -Data privacy laws investors need to understand and how difficult and expensive compliance can be
57:26 - What real estate strategies Aaron is focused on for 2021

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