Word on the Street
Word on the Street
Jun 23, 2021
The Power Of Data with Katie De La Cruz
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In this episode we talk to Katie De La Cruz who has recently taken the leap from a long career in the insurance industry - managing employee relations and wellbeing - into the marketing sector, with us here at Street.

Katie, who has previously held a number of team-focused roles has shifted from solely focusing on people into focusing on data - which she would never have thought was the case even a few years ago! Her relationship building skills made her a must-hire for us and as our Campaign Success Manager Katie has a deep interest in digital marketing and has developed her knowledge of SEO and analytics, which perfectly slots her into our power team!

In this episode Team Street talk about:

  • Data is not generic, you must look for the nuances
  • What Katie accidentally learned and how that has now become very useful
  • Attracting and engaging an audience
  • How Street Agency operates its campaigns
  • The importance of data and what to look for within it 
  • The key data pools that we use

Links & References:
Katie Street: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiestreet/
Katie De La Cruz https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-delacruz/

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“Invest the time upfront and you’ll get better results” - Katie De La Cruz [10:16]

“We get the same results for small, lesser known clients as we do for the bigger, larger, famed, networked agencies” - Katie Street [13:24]

“It does help a lot when you understand who you are and the problem you’re solving for brands” - Katie De La Cruz [14:16]

“There’s nothing worse, from a brand's point of view, clicking a link and going, I like what they do, but I don’t know what they can do for me” - Katie De La Cruz [14:40]

“When we look at the big agencies vs the small agencies, there’s often nothing in it” - Katie De La Cruz [15:24]

“Do have your ideal clients, but also maybe test, do a separate campaign to an upcoming market” - Katie Street [18:53]

“We’re still seeing really good engagement, people are still thirsty for knowledge”  - Katie De La Cruz [20:53]

“Fomo doesn’t work anymore” - Katie De La Cruz [22:20]

“I think there is power in making sure you’re constantly engaging, constantly offering a CTA” - Katie De La Cruz [25:23]

“The brand has to match the content you’re sending out” - Katie De La Cruz [29:30]

“Content will and will always be King/Queen” - Katie De La Cruz [33:07]

“If you aren’t producing content as an agency, you need to be” - Katie De La Cruz [33:27]

“It all starts with really awesome content” - Katie Street [33:56]

“Making sure you’ve got insightful helpful content as part of your plan and not just case studies and exciting news” - Katie Street [36:15]

“If someone emails you, don’t just reply, reply and ask them an open question” - Katie Street [44:08]

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