Psychic Detectives: Usually Right - in Hindsight
14 min

In the 1970s, the CIA spent a surprising amount of time and effort in evaluating the possible benefits of using psychics in law enforcement investigations. But, two of the earliest, supposedly most reliable, of these supernatural sleuths gave the field a bad name.

Back  in the 1950s and 1960s, Peter Hurkos was the first to describe himself as a "psychic detective." Unfortunately, he was caught red-handed using deception to attain case details he claimed he'd gathered through his paranormal "gifts."

Greta Alexander was a Midwest gal who claimed, in the 1980s, to be "best known psychic in America." She wasn't often right - but she certainly knew how to get publicity from her near misses.

This episode delves into the tricks used by Hurkos and Alexander, their self-invited presence at several notorious murders, and discussion of whether or not law enforcement actually relies on psychics to solve crimes.

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