Pack Talk Podcast
Pack Talk Podcast
Dec 20, 2021
#42 What If Scenarios Part 2
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Chad sits down with Canine Revolution Dog Training dog trainers and special dog trainer guest Meagan to discuss some scenarios about dog training and some random scenarios.

What If Scenarios covered in this episode:

- What If you have a full day on the road meeting with people, what do you do to prep, what are must haves in your vehicle
- What If someone tells you that their dog gets anxious anytime they see a person, child, or dog
- What If you are feeling a little fatigued, what are your go-to actions
- What If someone asked you your morning routine, what would you tell them
- What If your dog reacts randomly at children, how do you resolve this?
- What If someone asks you for podcast recommendations, what would you recommend?
- What If someone calls you and says their dog is about 3 years old and randomly has started to become food Aggressive, they go on walks the dog is searching out food the entire time and if they try to stop the dog or take food away the dog becomes aggressive
- What If someone’s says their 1 year old dog has shown fear over any brown leather shoes, and runs away scared, the dog has never done this before
- What If someone tells you their neighbors are very angry at them because their dog has killed one of the neighbors chickens, they want to know if you can train the dog to not go after the chickens
- What If someone’s asks you what your number one recommended restaurant to take your dog to is
- What If someone says they have some company coming in town, they have a deaf dog who has not been through formal training and they are worried about the company coming over and possibly want to put the dog in a boarding facility, what are your thoughts and considerations
- What If someone asks you how to train a deaf dog
- What If someone asks you how to train a blind dog
- What If someone asks you how to train a 3-legged dog
- What If you are consulting with someone, and they say they don’t have any time where they could walk their dog during the day except for Sundays

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